Benefit from the curation and analysis of the product ranges by our experts

Verivinum is more than just a database:
Our wine experts maintain various filter options for you, that go beyond mere product characteristics.
In fact, we provide you with concentrated expert knowledge and experience from the field of category management in the system.
Your advantages are…

  • a better overview
  • a simpler operating
  • a faster target achievement
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Key products

The prices of key products are an important factor in competition. By analysing the characteristics and prices of key products of competitors, companies can adapt their own product strategy and gain a competitive advantage.
Analysing key products can also help to optimise the assortment. By understanding which key products are particularly important to customers, you can ensure that these products are optimally developed and presented in the best possible way.

For this reason, we have defined around 40 different key products for you and continuously monitor these for any changes.

You can filter the product catalogue according to these key products.
This gives you an overview of everything that is currently important on the market at a glance. For Premium customers we offer a special add-on on request, which provides a graphical overview of all key products with price trend indicators.

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Product categories

Product categories allow you to filter by “soft” product characteristics, i.e. characteristics which are not directly based on wine law but result from the overall view of the product and its presentation.
Examples include categories such as “food pairing” for wines that are usually served in the context of certain dishes. Or e.g. the category “Celebrity”, which contains products created in the name of celebrities or are promoted by them.

We maintain various product categories for you in the system.
You can use these product categories to filter the product catalogue.
This gives you an easy overview of which products in these categories are available from which retailers competing in these categories, how exactly the products are designed and how they have developed.

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