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Recognize trends & increase sales:
The unique database service Verivinum enables you to conduct virtual store checks, competitor monitoring and assortment analysis for wine and sparkling wine products.

Get access now to:
  • Over 25,000 samples, updated weekly
  • Search functions as simple as Google!
  • Keeping an eye on the competition
  • Easily identify current trends
  • Stay up to date

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What Verivinum can do

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Contains weekly updated articles of all German discounters

Verivinum contains all assortment and promotional articles of all German discounters and is updated weekly by our sales force personally on site in the store. The product history goes back to 2017 and includes up to 45 product features and over 40 keyproducts.

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Focus on wine and wine-based articles

Verivinum contains wine and all beverages made from wine or with wine: Sparkling and semi-sparkling wines, wine-based drinks and cocktails, non-alcoholic wines and fruit wines. Verivinum supports approximately 30 product types, over 60 product subtypes, a large variety of product characteristics and over 40 keyproducts.

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Precise detailed knowledge and high-resolution photos

Verivinum contains all legally and sales-relevant product features for each product. It also includes photos, a history and, for many products, HD photos. The HD photos also contain a standardized colour chart for the exact determination of colours as well as the weight of the article.

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Curated by experts

Verivinum not only contains all the legal wine characteristics of the products. Our experts also structure the products the products according to characteristics such as product categories or affiliation to key products.

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Search like with Google

Find out everything about a product: simply enter a term and Verivinum does the rest. Search through over 25,000 entries, thousands of products and a large variety of product characteristics, product categories and keyproducts.!

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Powerful filters

Use the numerous ready-made filters, product categories and keyproducts to quickly and easily obtain the product characteristics, you need for your successful marketing.

Data-driven industry insights

Your benefits with Verivinum

Utilising the gap on the shelf

Easily find gaps in your product range using your customised GAP analysis and utilise this knowledge advantage in your sales process.

Never miss a trend

Discover new trends at first glance, be the first to react and never miss a sales opportunity again.

Develop sales arguments

Replace your gut feeling with independent, impressive facts. Systematically develop goal-oriented sales arguments.

Always keep an overview

Always have an overview of the market and find your very own market niche. This will help you to avoid wastage and failures.

Increase sales efficiency

Do the digital market check regularly and save time and money in the development of offers and products.

Be more competent than others

Verivinum gives you direct access to all market and product details. You score points in sales through exceptional personal expertise.

How Verivinum helps you to do business more responsibly

More sustainability with Verivinum

Saving resources

Customer visits, supplier visits, trade fair visits, market visits, etc. ….
Digital working reduces unnecessary business trips by plane or car. This reduces your CO2 footprint and save natural resources!

Thinking about the next generation

The boss has successfully managed the company for decades and knows the industry like the back of his hand. How can the successors follow in his footsteps if they don’t have his experience? By using Verivinum!

Being attractive to young staff

The skills shortage will be a major issue for the industry in the coming years. Young people expect modern working methods in the company. Use Verivinum to give them the right tool for joint success.

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Verivinum is 100% CO2-neutral
Our data centre is already climate-neutral today, but has even higher goals: The goal is to operate around the clock with carbon-free energy by 2030.
And: since 2017, 100% of our energy consumption has been covered by renewable energy.

Google Datacenter, Eemshaven, Niederlande (Photo ©Google)

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Verivinum is 100% compliant
The EU Code of Conduct for Cloud Computing has been developed to contribute to a trustworthy and transparent environment in the European cloud computing market. market. Verivinum is operated exclusively with technologies that comply with this EU Code of Conduct and also the DSGVO.
Valuable Insights

For whom is Verivinum?


Verivinum provides all market and product information for active and targeted growth. Find sales arguments, the right positioning for your product and always have an eye on the market using the keyproducts feature.

Wine trading company & Wholesale

Find the right products for your customers with the help of Verivinum’s market analyses. Work efficiently on your offers and presentations by using our research tool and virtually explore the supermarket.


Gain valuable insights into the wine world and use them to further develop your product ranges. Manage your product groups with the help of Verivinum, the perfect complement to your existing market research. Using our keyproducts feature you always have an eye on the competition


We explain how Verivinum works!

The entire range of wines and sparkling wines at a glance!

The market for wines has grown considerably in recent years. It’s easy to lose track. But that is exactly what must not happen! A good competitve analysis is essential in order to remain competitive in the long term! With Verivinum you can get a complete overview of the entire market in just a few minutes! (Video with english subtitles)

The right label with just a few clicks!

The label plays a decisive role in the sale of wine and sparkling wine products. So how do I find the right label? Which labels are well received by our target group? What does the competition do. With Verivinum, you can find the answers to all these questions. And with just a few clicks! (Video with english subtitles)

How to find the right packaging for your product!

The packaging of your own product plays a decisive role in sales! Can, bottle or bag-in-box? There are many options, which can make it difficult to make a decision. Verivinum offers an extensive database that can be used to make the decision making easier. Watch our video to find out how easy it is! (Video with english subtitles)

The news page: all new products at a glance

Every month, an average of 30-40 new wine products are launched in the discounters! It’s not easy to keep track of them all. Verivinum makes it easy for you. With just a few clicks you can call up all the information on new products! In the video we show you how easy it is! (Video with english subtitles)

Successfully sell more wine and sparkling wine

Verivinum is the world’s first and unique database service for wine and sparkling wine in supermarkets and discounters. supermarkets and discounters. It was developed by a team of experts with many years of experience in the wine and sparkling wine industry specifically for the needs of this supply chain. Get to know the two founders Jasmin and Volker Kettenbach in this video!

Curious? Convince yourself by trying out the demo!

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Testimonial company logo
“Verivinum enables me to systematically identify market gaps based on data. This makes our offers and concepts much more targeted, so we waste fewer resources on ideas with little market potential.”
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Testimonial company logo
“We were able to open up a new sales channel with the help of Verivinum - we not only increased our sales significantly, but now also spread our risk over several channels.”

Curious? Play with the demoversion!


We have developed Verivinum

Volker Kettenbach profile image

Volker Kettenbach

Managing Director

Dipl. Wirtsch.-Inform. (TU Darmstadt)

As Dipl. Wirtsch.-Inform. (TU Darmstadt) (Diploma in Business Informatics) and an entrepreneur in the Internet business, Volker has many years of experience with technical solutions.

Jasmin Kettenbach profile image

Jasmin Kettenbach

Senior Partner

Dipl. Ing. (HS Geisenheim)

Jasmin has over 25 years of experience in category management for wine and sparking wine for the Aldi Group at Mack und Schühle AG, Owen/Teck and others.

The sales and marketing team

We take care of you!


The "Data-Team"

We ensure on a daily basis that all necessary data is available in the desired quantity and quality.


The "Software-Team"

We work every day to ensure that the software systems process all data as required.

Advisory Board

The best expertise from science, law and industry

 Dr. Hans Eichele  profile image

Dr. Hans Eichele

rohwedder | partner

Lawyer for wine & food law

More than 20 years of professional experience including several contributions to the 'Commentary on Wine Law' by Prof. Koch make Dr. Hans Eichele one of the most distinguished experts for wine law in Germany.

Prof. Dr. Simone Loose profile image

Prof. Dr. Simone Loose

Geisenheim University

Professorship for Wine & Beverage Business Administration

Prof. Dr. Simone Loose has held the Chair of Business Administration in the Wine and Beverage Sector since 2015 and heads the Institute of Wine and Beverage Economics. Prof. Simone Loose is the author of numerous scientific articles in the field of wine and food marketing.

Nikolaus Schritz profile image

Nikolaus Schritz

Reh Kendermann

Managing Director (retired)

With over 30 years of professional experience, more than 25 of which as managing director, Nikolaus Schritz is one of the most experienced managers in the German winery industry.

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